SR22 in Arizona and When Do I Need One?

SR22 in Arizona and When Do I Need One?

What is a Statement of Financial Responsibility (SR22) and when do I need one?

An SR22 in Arizona is a special Certificate of Insurance from an insurance company licensed in Arizona, or a letter stating that a $40,000 deposit of cash or certificates of deposit are being held by the Arizona Office of Treasurer.

If your license is revoked or suspended for a court convicted DUI violation, an implied consent DUI refusal, or violation of Arizona vehicle insurance laws, then a proof of future financial responsibility (SR22) is required to be provided to MVD.

The adverse impact of being required to have SR22 insurance is that the cost of automobile insurance is increased dramatically.  Not all insurance companies provide SR22 insurance coverage.  Insurance companies that do provide SR22s will put those drivers in a “high risk” pool of drivers which inevitably will require much higher premiums than regular automobile insurance.

SR22s are required for all DUI criminal convictions.  SR22s however are not required for an automatic 15 day MVD implied consent violation. Because of this exception it is advisable to consult with a DUI attorney whether or not to accept an automatic MVD suspension from AZ MVD while a DUI criminal case is pending.

If a driver is required to have an SR22 proof of insurance must be maintained for three years from the date they become eligible for reinstatement.  If you fail to maintain proof, your license and the registration will be suspended until proof is re-established and provided.

The following is a chart of driver’s license suspension requiring an SR22 upon reinstatement from a license suspension.  The SR22 is required to be in place for 3 years after the date of reinstatement eligibility.


Conviction Statute Violation Length of Suspension
DUI Related Offenses
28-1321 Implied Consent, Refusal of DUI test. one year
28-1381 Regular 1st Time DUI 90 days
28-1382 Extreme DUI 90 days
28-1383 Aggravated/Felony DUI one year
4-244(34) or 28-1381 or 28-1382 Person Under 18 Driving with Alcohol in Body two year suspension
Financial Responsibility Laws
28-4135 No Mandatory Vehicle Insurance 3 months and plates suspended
2nd violation no mandatory insurance 6 months and plates suspended
3rd violation one year and plates suspended
ARS 28-4144 Being involved in an accident without automobile insurance One year license and plates susp one year license and plate suspension