15-minute Criminal Traffic Advice Session


A 15-minute phone call with a lawyer to discuss your criminal traffic citation. Our attorneys will answer your questions and give you concrete advice during your call.

Handling a case yourself, or trying to figure out if an attorney can help in your situation?  Talk to an experience attorney with your legal questions and get the answers you need to know but can't find online doing a google search.

This is right for you if you have concerns or questions about the criminal traffic court process in Arizona and have some legal questions you want to ask an attorney about your specific court case.


  1. Pay online.
  2. Schedule a time for an attorney to give you call.
  3. Email any tickets or citations to [email protected]
  4. The next available lawyer will call you at the time you scheduled.
  5. Ask your questions and get advice about your Arizona Criminal Traffic citation during a 15-minute call.


  • 15-minute phone call with an attorney. Most people get the answers they're looking for during the call, but if it goes longer, the phone will not automatically disconnect.
  • Answers and advice. The lawyer will suggest the best options for you, based on their experience helping other clients with Arizona traffic tickets and citations.
  • Privacy. Everything you discuss on the phone is protected by attorney-client privilege.


  • Additional work by the attorney after the 15-minute phone call. Most people get the answers they need during the call, but you are welcome to talk to the attorney about hiring them for additional work.

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Have Questions?

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