Reckless Driving and Aggressive Driving


Save your driver's license from having a serious criminal traffic violation conviction. Reckless Driving, and Aggressive Driving are serious traffic infractions that can directly impact your driving record.  Save your license and avoid jail.  Hire an experienced criminal traffic attorney to handle your Reckless or Aggressive Driving case.

Avoid having to go to court on your criminal reckless driving or aggressive driving case.  Get peace of mind that your lawyer will work to get the best outcome for your legal situation and avoid having you failing to appear for court.

Your lawyer will provide end-to-end support including all non personal court appearances and pretrial conferences, negotiating a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor, drafting all court court documents and waiver of appearance, and filing all closing documents with the court.

This service  is right for you if you are cited for the following type offenses:

Reckless Driving – A.R.S. 28-693

Aggressive Driving – A.R.S. 28-695

28-693. Reckless driving; classification; license; surrender

  1. A person who drives a vehicle in reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.
  2. A person convicted of reckless driving is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.
  3. In addition, the judge may require the surrender to a police officer of any driver license of the convicted person, shall report the conviction to the department and may order the driving privileges of the person to be suspended for a period of not more than ninety days. On receipt of the abstract of conviction and order, the department shall suspend the driving privilege of the person for the period of time ordered by the judge.

28-695. Aggressive driving; violation; classification; definition

  1. A person commits aggressive driving if both of the following occur:
  2. During a course of conduct the person commits a violation of either section 28-701, subsection A or section 28-701.02 and at least two of the following violations:

(a) Failure to obey traffic control devices as provided in section 28-644.

(b) Overtaking and passing another vehicle on the right by driving off the pavement or main traveled portion of the roadway as provided in section 28-724.

(c) Unsafe lane change as provided in section 28-729.

(d) Following a vehicle too closely as provided in section 28-730.

(e) Failure to yield the right-of-way as provided in article 9 of this chapter.

  1. The person's driving is an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle.
  2. A person convicted of aggressive driving is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.

Class 3 Misdemeanor – Up to 30 Days Jail, Up to $500 Fine (A.R.S. 13-707)


  • Upload Ticket or Citation
  • Pay Online
  • E-Sign Fixed Fee Agreement
  • Our Attorneys Will Call You By Same or Next Business Day To Get Case Started


  • Case Review and 30 Minute Introduction Attorney Phone Call
  • File Notice of Appearance By Counsel With Court, Entry of Defendant's Not Guilty Plea and Waiver of Personal Appearance by Defendant.
  • File a petition to attend Defensive Driving School (if applicable)
  • Attend All Pretrial Conference on Client's Behalf
  • Attend All Sentencing Hearings or Make Arrangements With Court and Client To File All Closing Documents.
  • Attend Contested Hearings or Bench Trial (additional fee applies)
  • 24/7 Client Support Portal Access


  • Contested Hearings and Bench Trial
  • Any Fines or Penalties Imposed By Court if due after final adjudication
  • Any extraordinary expenses, transcripts, investigation, expert costs
  • Does not include Appeals or Special Actions

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