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If you're not 100% happy with the service you purchased, we'll make it right.

We stand behind our services and expect our clients to be 100% satisfied with their experience. If you are unhappy with the service you purchased, we'll make it right. We will help you switch lawyers or services to make sure you get the legal help you need, at no cost to you. If you don't want to continue to solve your issue through AZ Criminal Traffic, we will fully refund your purchase.

What if I don't get the results I expect?

We guarantee the services listed on our website, but we can't guarantee any specific outcome. Every legal case is unique. The success of your case depends on many different factors.

How do I request a refund or file a complaint?

To file a complaint or seek a refund, contact customer care by email  or phone. You must file your complaint within 90 days of your purchase. Depending on your situation, documentation may be needed. Your customer care rep will work with you to fix the situation to your satisfaction.

What if I never got a phone call?

If you purchase a service and do not receive a phone call within 1 business day, please contact us at 888-202-9222. We'll work with you to make sure that you receive a phone call as soon as possible, either from the original attorney you selected or an alternate attorney of your choice. If you prefer, you can cancel the service and receive a full refund.

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Have Questions?

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