Marsha Recommends Shawn Hamp

“What a relief, Mr. Hamp is Great!” I called Mr.. Shawn Hamp for a consultation on a DUI. I was so worried because I did have the medicine in my system but it was a legal prescription. I was so afraid and didn't know a lawyer. I called Mr. Hamp because of his successful career. I called his office and left a message, he returned my phone messages and we met in his office all within the hour. He explained the situation I was in about the choices before me. Mr. Hamp explained everything very clearly, was very kind and reassuring. He gave me his advice when I asked, it all turned out well. The DUI's were dropped and I served no time..... Mr. Shawn Hamp is the person I'll call again IF I ever need a lawyer again. I highly recommend Mr. Shawn to you.

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