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What can I expect from a criminal speeding ticket as a minor?

I was recently pulled over in a school zone for going 40mph and given a criminal speeding ticket. I am scheduled to appear in court in a few days and I will be attending with my dad. I have not hired a lawyer and I am not sure what to expect when I go to court.

Shawn's Answer:
If convicted or found responsible of a 1st time criminal or civil traffic offense, you will be ordered to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS). This rule applies to minors who are under 18 and are permitted to drive with a “graduated license”.

1st conviction: The driver must attend Traffic Survival School. The violation goes on the driver's record. 
2nd conviction: Three-month suspension of driving privileges. The violation goes on the driver's record. 
3rd conviction: Six-month suspension. The violation goes on the driver's record.

You can go to this link to read more information from AZ MVD.


Unfortunately, within the course of one month I have accumulated two speeding tickets in the same school zone. I was not going 20 miles over in either situation, and know that I can take the Defensive Driving Course to rid myself of one of them. I am unsure about what to do on the second one. I am very anxious about the second ticket going on my record, as I am still very young and do not want it to affect future job or education opportunities. Do I need a lawyer in this situation, and if not, what is necessary to handle this situation effectively?

Shawn's Answer:

When you say you are “very young” does that mean you are under 18? 

If you are convicted of a criminal or even a normal civil traffic offense when you are under 18, you will be ordered to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS) for your 1st offense. Your 2nd offense could result in a 3 month suspension, and a 3rd conviction could lead to a 6 month suspension. See AZ MVD Link:

Attending Defensive Driving School is different from TSS. Defensive Driving School allows you to get a civil traffic infraction dismissed if you complete it a week before your initial court hearing. Getting the citation dismissed will prevent the infraction from being a strike on the driving record. 

Getting an individual traffic ticket will probably not have very serious consequences, but multiple traffic infractions will ratchet up the consequences.

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